Sunday, January 7, 2018


Velvet Dress | Floral Handbag | Mary Janes || Thrifted
Suede Jacket | Hand Me Down
Sterling Silver Labradorite Necklace || Silver Post

        Wishing you all a Happy New Year : )  A couple months ago, I watched a bizarre film called The Love Witch. Elaine, the main character, is a bit of a nut job whose style manages to be head turning. I was so inspired by her large bold amulets that I requested one for Christmas. In the store, I tried on larger amulets, but they felt too masculine. An employee suggested I choose this exact labradorite necklace since it flashed the best. Labradorite is the most protective mineral of them all, so I thought it fitting that my amulet would be this stone.
       The cult film, Clueless, inspired the mini handbag and faux fur. Although, my sister pointed out my fur collared jacket is more 70's. Lately, I've been combining gray contacts with shimmery white eyeshadow and hair clips for a 2000's baby doll look. This bebe dress is one of the first things I ever thrifted. The hard chest padding is very flattering and keeps the dress from being overly boxy. These mary janes have a fun sheer detail and are such a prom throwback.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Cherry Blossoms

Mesh Top | Cherry Blossom Top | Mom Jeans | Doc Martens || Thrifted
Wool Beret || Free People
Sterling Silver Ankh Necklace || Doty's Originals

Power red has been all the rage this fall. I'm happy that it flatters a variety of skin tones. Usually, I don't gravitate towards red, but wearing this top was sincere. Cherry blossoms are divine and I hope to visit Japan during sakura so I can experience their full beauty. I layered this mesh top underneath my wrap top to give interest and as a bonus it provided warmth. These Gloria Vanderbilt mom jeans are sold at Kohl's for an inexpensive price. However, I prefer to purchase them at the thrift store so I can avoid supporting fast fashion. The high waist fit is comfy and will enhance the butt nicely.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Oversized Coat | Tool T-Shirt {DIY} | Trousers | Loafers | Guess Handbag | Brooch || Thrifted
Sterling Silver Onyx Ring || Doty's Originals
Slouchy Beanie || Hot Topic
Fishnet Tights || Express

For awhile, I kept finding so many Tool shirts at the thrift store. Seriously, who's giving their Tool shirts away? Their songs are so penetrating and I'd have to say Schism is my favorite. Out of all the coats at Savers, this one really spoke to me the most. The length kept me extra toasty and the combination of brown and black made it easy to pair with darker pieces. In the colder months, I tend to gravitate more towards menswear. I added this floral brooch and mini handbag to balance out the masculinity.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Turtleneck | Vest | Mini Skirt | Mini Handbag | Book | Platform Shoes || Thrifted
Sterling Silver Necklace || Garage Sale
Sterling Silver Onyx Ring || Doty's Originals
Sterling Silver Garnet Ring || Regal Rose

I'm hoping that those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a marvelous time. It's been ages since I've worn a tailored vest. I find them quite tricky to style. Although, I'm glad I didn't pass on this festive piece since it got me in the spirit. Pilgrim hats are part of the fun, so I brought out these shoes with buckle details to pay homage. This statement necklace has a unique and bewitching design that I can't get over. My mom kindly haggled down the price for me when we attended the Great Garage & Antique Sale.  Not only does this velvet book make an amazing prop, but it's a magical read as well.  The Secret Garden is one of my most beloved childhood stories and films.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Wool Beret | Rusty Turtleneck | Mom Jeans | Velvet Bag | Leather Loafers || Thrifted
Sterling Silver Onyx Ring | Doty's Originals
Vintage JJ Wizard Brooch | Etsy

Wizards are magical deep thinkers. Just looking at this brooch fills me with tremendous joy and positivity. Originally, I planned on wearing this brooch on the lapel of my blazer, but the weather didn't call for outerwear. I've never attached a brooch to a top in this way, but it's nice to step outside the box. Err, I badly need to find a hack that helps ensure that the fabric of the turtleneck stays put. Gucci loafers are huge right now, but the price makes me twitch. These loafers have a similar hardware and are proving to be a quality staple in my wardrobe. Floral socks are feminine and add an androgynous factor when paired with masculine loafers.

Monday, November 6, 2017


Maxi Dress | Velvet Purse | Doc Martens || Thrifted
Wool Beret || Free People
Labradorite Necklace || Doty's Originals
Fishnet Socks || Gift

Finally, fall is in full swing : ) Paisley is a timeless pattern that feels so festive during the season. The dress' abalone buttons are non-functioning, but I appreciate the fuss free design. I was in a 90's channeling mood so I wore my beret with micro braids and a choker. Fishnet socks are dynamite when you can't be bothered with tights. These babies helped me achieve a dark grungy factor that added volume to my outfit.