Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Wide Brimmed Fedora, Chico's Velvet Tunic, Astrology Bag, Beaded Necklace, Boots // Thrifted
Snake Earrings // Local Shop

I'm so stoked that I got a chance to stroll around the Las Vegas Pirate Fest. It was my first time and I encountered so many beautiful souls full of endless creativity. I love asking people where their from and lately I've been attracted to women from Ohio. So strange, I know, but they seem to be so in tune with themselves. It's the best when these peculiar festivals pop into town since they bring such authentic garments and rare jewelry. I would've taken more photos of the clothing, but the wind was ferocious. No lie, my hat flew off like five times lol, forcing me to hold on to it most of the day. When I know a themed event is near, I don't buy ready to wear costumes. I've discovered that the affordable options can sometimes end up looking corny and the convincing costumes can cost a small fortune. So I just opt for the thrift store and start collecting anything that even slightly resembles a particular theme. I think you can see that here and I was a bit inspired by Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean. She has this dark kooky energy that I quite admire. It's funny, the gorgeous mermaid pictured above, told me I looked like I stepped out of 1968. She's so right!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Hanging Glass Lantern // $2
The lantern on the left is from World Market, and the one on the right is thrifted. One day, I dream of having a huge library with lanterns hanging from the ceiling, 
Maroon Velvet Tunic // $6.99
I love the rich detailing and how the crushed velvet travels in vertical lines.
Floral & Bird Mug // $0.69
I'm so delighted  with this mug because it doesn't require a coaster and it fits loads of hot tea.
Cami Garter // $4.99
I was scouring through the lingerie section and came across a silky teal cami and a red cami with black hearts. Those weren't exactly my cup of tea so I looked at some clothes, but my mind was convinced that I missed something. I went back and found this black beauty hidden amongst the pj's. It's by a brand called Vixen, and they still have it on the website. 
Wallart // $2
I feel so silly cause i'm not sure if this is dog or a wolf. Regardless, my heart melts since I'm a sucker for anything that brings the outdoors in.

Guess Mini Handbag // $4.99
This bag is giving me young Mary-Kate vibes. I'm loving the mini bags, but damn my brick sized phone is a problem.


Large Glass Bowl  // $0.99
For weeks, I kept browsing the glassware in Goodwill hoping to find a home for my liquid lipsticks. I was so jazzed to find this little piece of history, it serves as a cute reminder of old Vegas. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Pink Scarf, Metallic Belt, Denim Skirt {DIY} // Thrifted
Sesshomaru Top // Hot Topic
Demonia Creepers // Sinister Soles
Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystal Dragon Fly Earrings // Dotty's Originals
Clear Quartz Bracelet // Silver Post

You know those days where your uninspired and swear you have nothing to wear? I was having one of those moments, so I turned to my virtual closet. It's located in an app called Pureple and helps me organize all my clothing and accessories. This app reminds me of gems I completely forgot I owned, like my Sesshomaru top. I bought it on sale towards the end of last summer. It was a battle between this tank and one from Howl's Moving Castle. I popped into Goodwill for a sec and a cashier said he liked my shirt and that it was his favorite character from Inuyasha. I was so elated that he was a fan and come to think of it he's probably my favorite, too. He's always calm and collected, not to mention a gorgeous dog. At first, I wasn't completely sold on the dragon fly earrings, but they've really grown on me. After making my purchase, the seller refreshed my memory, saying they're thought to bring good luck. I just love magical things.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thrift Haul {Salvation Army $3 Clothing Day}

Velvet Duster
I'm appreciaing the rich plum color and the mandarin collar. It looks like something worn in ancient times.

     Remedy's Hoodie
 I love an oversized hoodie when I'm
going for that bad boy look.

Emerald Velvet Glitter Tank Top
 Glittery roses, need I say more!?

Fish Net Hoodie
Such an easy thing to just chuck on or layer with to achieve a street style look.

Salmon Pink Maxi Dress
At first, I gravitated towards the color of this dress and then was intrigued by it's rice bag texture. It's so weightless, making it ideal for Nevada's hottest days.
Olive Velveteen Pants
Every time I see velvet pants I stick them in my cart. They're the perfect thing to throw on on when your lounging around but are craving a bit of luxury.

Monday, April 10, 2017


Playboy Corset, Sheer Robe, Velvet Purse // Thrifted
Leggings // Ross
Vans // Journey's

The warmer weather always delivers an optimism that fills me with motivation to experiment more with my style. However, in winter, you can find me pouting in the cold. Normally, I pick out only one statement piece and work other clothing around it. However, I felt a bit more daring on this day. This robe adds such a level of drama, especially in the wind. I feel like Marilyn Monroe might've sat at her vanity clad in a similar robe. I swear, Salvation Army hooked it up with this Playboy corset. It was brand new with tags and was priced at $48. I find the velvet piping so darling and I love how the lace up detail is in the front, I felt like a present waiting to be unwrapped. In middle school, my sister and I had a small Playboy obsession. One time, she was going to donate a pair of Playboy jeans that no longer fit, so my scavenger self pryed off the silver Playboy zippers. I put my jewelry kit to good use and turned them into dangly earrings. The earrings have long since been donated, wahhh. On another sad note, I miss tuning in to watch The Girls Next Door.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Forest Green Velvet Dress // $0.99
Looking at this oversized garment on the hanger, I knew I'd look like a potato sack. I said screw it and tried it on anyhow. I loved how effortless it looked and if I want to really challenge myself I can wear it completely unbuttoned like a robe and style some cool pieces underneath. 
Sheer Lace Cover Up // $0.99
I was flipping through the go back rack and decided that for a buck, it'd be easy to just to toss this on after a swim.
Velvet Oriental Inspired Top // $5
Butterflies when I saw this. It's rare for to find iridescent velvet done in such a striking way. I love how it changes from dark maroon to electric blue.
Silk Slip Skirt // $0.99
I'm surprised I've gone this long without picking one of these up from a thrift store. They're such a thrift essential and can help a girl keep modest.
Sun & Moon  Frame // $0.35
I've placed this on a shelf where I keep things that provide zen. Pondering who's face I should put in it.