Friday, April 13, 2018


Floral Dress | Lace-Up Shoes || Thrifted
Velvet Scrunchie || Etsy
Velvet Purse|| Etsy

Floral dresses require hardly a thought and feel so spring appropriate. Being in tune with the season always help elevate my mood. These tennis shoes were specifically for my job, but standing hours in them proved to be unpleasant. I'm glad I incorporated them in here since they gave off a laid back vibe. I'd been dying to style this gothic evening bag. Piper, a talented seller on Etsy, creates such magical bags and backpacks. They're perfect for a festival lover or a Gypsy goddess.

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Cropped Cardigan {DIY} | Mom Jeans | Mini Handbag | Mary Janes || Thrifted

I'd been noticing that cropped cardigans were slowly becoming a thing. Not only does it look cute, but it's perfect for transitioning into spring. I kept this look very basic with the 90's in mind. The dainty flowers on my satin bag totally remind me of clothing I wore in the 2000's. Also, I chopped off most of my hair and I'm surprisingly not regretting it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Checked Blazer | Wrangler Jeans | Leather Boots | Mini Handbag || Thrifted
Hustler T-Shirt || Prize
Statement Earrings || Gift / Etsy

This look had me feeling like such a proper fashion blogger. Well, almost! I had to throw in this wild card and feature this t-shirt that I got from the strip club. The dj was walking around encouraging people to clap for the talented ladies. Surprisingly, I was the only one clapping, so he rewarded me with the free t-shirt. It seriously made my birthday night so much better. My best friend gifted me these artsy face earrings and of course I was itching to style them. They're the perfect no-fuss pieces to jazz up any simple outfit. Thanks, Chayo! I'm so thrilled that blazers have been everywhere. I particularly like the boxy fit of this one and how it allowed me to tie in these chocolate boots. It's funny, my boyfriend thought these worn in jeans belonged to him. That's reasonable since I found them in the men's section at Salvation Army.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Izod Sweater | Pleated Skirt | Leather Satchel | Platforms || Thrifted
Ruffle Socks || Topshop

There's various schoolgirl outfits and combinations to play with. I feel that my v-neck sweater lends off a sailor vibe, but luckily the trimming isn't navy blue. The sweater's fabric is very tightly woven and is comfortable against the skin. I added this tan satchel for a vintage flair and I find the swing clasp so satisfying. A week ago, I went to the cinema to see an anime called Mary and the Witch's Flower. The main character, Mary Smith, wears an adorable schoolgirl outfit. I figured I'd follow suit and get in the spirit of things.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Fishnet Top | Tripp Dress || Thrifted
Sterling Silver Necklace || Garage Sale
Demonia Boots || Sinister Soles

There's no denying that I was in a goth wearing mood, but now I'm noticing a gothic lolita influence.
That's perfectly fine since I'm a huge fan of that fashion scene. It's so dark and dramatic : ) Years ago, I bought these Demonia boots after seeing a model, Felice Fawn, in a pair. I just remember her looking so tough in her boots while walking her rottweiler. My friends are wearing mostly thrifted items, except for the jacket is from Nasty Gal and the fishnet tights are from Walgreens.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Zodiac Top | Velvet Skirt | Beaded Purse | Leather Jacket || Thrifted
Spiderweb Pin || Garage Sale
Wool Beret || Free People
Jeffrey Campbell Syndicates || Nasty Gal

Our winter has been fairly warm, so I fear that the clock is ticking on the amount of black I can wear. Before time escaped me, I wanted to do a Christian Dior Fall 2017 inspired look. Most of the runway models wore celestial garments that paired beautifully with leather berets and thin chokers. My zodiac top featuring the sun and moon fit the bill, but strangely enough it reminds me of the Zodiac Killer. Since I don't own a leather beret, I incorporated a leather jacket instead. It's funny how a beret and leather jacket can sometimes say "I'm up to no good". Jeffrey Campbell is one of my favorite shoe designers and they're known to do platforms really well. I love how tall I am in these, but standing in them for hours will kill.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Smashing Pumpkins

Ball Chain Necklace | Fishnet Top | Pleated Skirt || Thrifted
Crossbody Bag || Hand-Me-Down
Cobain Inspired Sunglasses || Depop
Smashing Pumpkins T-Shirt || Hot Topic
Doc Martens || Journey's

       Months ago, I had yearned for this Smashing Pumpkins shirt, but the issue of fast fashion was weighing on me. Uhh, but the deep rich colors and the graphic borrowed from their third album beckoned to me. So, I went back to the same exact Hot Topic and it was evidently gone. Months later, I'm helping my sister pick out a band tee for her brother-in-law and that's when I spot the desired shirt high up on the wall. A pink haired employee informed me that it was the last shirt so I saw that as a sign. Plus, Hot Topic band t-shirts always hold up extremely well. If you've never checked out the band I recommend listening to "Disarm" and "Tonight, Tonight".
     This pleated skirt and doc marten combo was inspired by a scruffy dude that was walking around Ren Faire. He wore his black docs with a traditional kilt and I thought it was such a look. The midi length of my skirt hits at an awkward spot, but I like the rebellious nature of it. Kurt Cobain inspired sunglasses have been all over my Instagram. I fell in love with these orange tinted ones, but I'm not sure they compliment my face, lol.