Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Levi's Shearling Denim Jacket // $9
The shearling and dark wash made me think of the 70's. It has a snug fit and offers much warmth.
Shimmery Anne Klein Top // $6
In the colder months, I layer fishnet and mesh tops underneath my t-shirts. A shimmery fabric will be a nice switch up.
Undead Graphic Tee // $3
Not sure what's going on with this shirt. The crown looks Egyptian, but the red moon seems to be reflecting the Golden Gate Bridge. I dunno, but I'm excited to wear it as a dress.
Sunflower Denim Tote // $5.50
I was on the lookout for a plain denim tote, but this one was better than I envisioned.
Striped D-Ring Belt //  $2
Thought this would ease me into the whole race car trend.
Dusty Pink Bra // Depop // $12
Depop has me so addicted. I tried to avoid the app, but they make it so easy to shop secondhand. Sometimes I want affordable trendy pieces asap, but don't want to support fast fashion retailers. Depop is the perfect solution.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

High and Dry

Bandanna // Hot Topic
Gold Bracelet and Beaded Necklace // Secondhand Gifts
Lace Bralette // Victoria's Secret / Gift
Tortoise Shell Sunglasses, Gold Hoops, Snakeskin Pants, 90's Boots // Thrifted

Lone Mountain offers those great desert vibes if you can't make it to Red Rock Canyon. These genuine leather snakeskin pants are such a statement piece that I let them be the star of the outfit. They felt super satiny against my skin and helped elongate my legs. I've noticed these small oval sunglasses are coming back into style and was elated to find them so cheap at the thrift store. Their tricky for my round face to pull off, but the slight cat eye changed the game for me.  When new trends roll around it's important not to force anything and just know you can tweak things to make them work for you. My sweet sister told me I look like one of the girls from Charmed. That was a huge compliment since we grew up watching the show together. I especially miss how Rose McGowan used to dress. I recently watched her in an interview and she's still a badass, but she's more mature.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Metallic Button-Up // $3.50
I'm obsessed with color shifting tops. This one is the shade of Will Ferrell's suit in the 90's comedy, A Night at the Roxbury. The film is hysterical and full of exciting fashion moments.
Velvet Scarf // $6
Vegas is too hot to wrap a thick ass scarf around your neck, but luckily my friend showed me that I can wear it as a shawl on chilly nights.

Glittery Lace Cardigan // $7
Usually, I'm not a fan of cardigans that have a cascading effect, but this one gave me Halloween vibes. 
Celtic Unicorn Tote // $4
It appears that someone used marker to color in the graphic , but both sides of the bag are identical prints. I'm so puzzled! Anyhow, it's so oversized that it will be handy at a flea market or at a grocery store. 
Beige Corduroy Pants // $5
These are going to be ultra comfy for those lazy fall days. 
Glass Bead Choker // $2.50
When I was younger, I use to make jewelry using glass beads. Seeing this brought back good memories : )  It's perfect for adding a quirky factor to an outfit. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Other Side

Olive Vest, Balconette Bra, Silky Skirt, Classic Hardware Bracelet, Mary Jane Platforms // Thrifted
Beanie // Ross

A couple weeks ago, I considered buying a Gold N' Hot hair crimper from Ulta. I changed my mind and told myself I could find one at the thrift store instead. Not two weeks go by, and I found a very similar Gold N' Hot crimper at Goodwill for $2.50. Law of Attraction, I swear : ) I love how when I zip up the vest it looks structured and military inspired. Although, it was so humid I was ready to walk around in just my embroidered bra, but my boyfriend would've died. This Classic Hardware bracelet is extra special because my mom kindly thrifted it for me. Each of the glossy frames has a different critter on it and has an overall woodsy theme. My platforms are tolerable for stomping around in and I like how they give off a baddy vibe.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Gold  Filigree Earrings // $2
With statement earrings on the rise, I felt these would be a subtle approach to testing out the trend.
Small Floral Detail Handbag // $3
I thought carrying this around would become bothersome, but I just slid it around the crook of my elbow and all was good : )
Winnie The Pooh Plush Backpack // $5
Pretty sure, this is the brightest thing in my wardrobe, but I couldn't pass it up. My childhood bestie and I, would always tune in to watch this sweet honey bear. 
Leather Afghan Jacket // $7.50
As usual, I was so inspired by Tessa Diamondly. She often embraces the cold German air in one of her cool Afghan jackets. I felt so lucky that the jacket was genuine leather and finding 50 cents in the pocket was another stroke of luck.
Deep Maroon Velvety Floral Dress // $3.50
Even though this dress is from Walmart, I was pleasantly surprised by the attractive silhouette.
Metallic Maxi Skirt // $3.50
These skirts are so prom, but I think it will pair great with a thrashed band tee. 
Ornate Rug // $2.50
When I'm at thrift stores, I try not to skip the household aisle. If your just starting off on your own it's a great way to pick up temporary things like dish towels or shower curtains. A women and I came across three of these rugs in different colors. I asked her what these were supposed to be and she said whatever you want. So maybe I'll use it as a table runner or as a backdrop for photos.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Cactus Joe's & OOTN

A friend recommended that I check out Cactus Joe's, a nursery on the outskirts of Vegas. It was a curious place to explore and the friendly staff made the experience all the better.

The cutest wedding chapel!

Even the outside bathrooms had character.

A shop full of affordable crystals, handmade jewelry, and unique items.

Colored Glass

An employee pointed out a hummingbird that hatched just days before. My boyfriend and I didn't want to be too invasive with the camera, but when we peered in to observe it was the most precious thing.

A few nights ago, I attended a Highly Suspect concert at the Hard Rock casino. I was majorly distorted as to what to wear. I mean what the hell do you wear to a concert at a pool venue late at night!? Wasn't sure if all the fans would be in the pool or if people were going to be with water guns or what. Luckily, everything was really tame and only some brave souls swam in the freezing pool. I decided on a pink halter swimsuit top, but it was difficult pairing it with the right bottoms. Cropped halter tops are easy, but longer halter tops are another story. I googled some inspiration and pants made the most sense. Hope you like my all thrifted outfit...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Salvation Army & Garage Sale}

Red Velvet Coat // $1 // Garage Sale
I found this mystifying piece at the annual Great Garage & Antique Sale in Las Vegas. If your ever in the area I recommend you don't miss out. I barely made it to each booth since there was a plethora to see and you just can't help but to converse with knowledgeable sellers. Another girl and I were digging through boxes of clothes hidden with vintage gems. I asked her isn't this great and she agreed showing me bright floral dresses that she picked out for her and her mom. The seller told us that he acquired all the clothing when he had planned to open up a thrift shop, but unfortunately things went flop.
Floral Blouse // $2.50 // Salvation Army
Breezy blouses are so effortless and go great with denim shorts and a vintage belt.
Floral Vintage Blazer // $3 // Salvation Army
I like how this looks like grandma's wallpaper.  It's so oversized, so I imagine pairing it with a skirt and under the knee socks.
Blush Slip Dress // $2.50 // Salvation Army
These panels create a nice slimming effect.
Metallic Blouse // $1 // Garage Sale
This top is a deep wine, but when it catches the light a shiny red shade is revealed.
Floral Silk Handbag // $0.99 // Salvation Army
Such an easy way to add a girly 2000 vibe to any outfit. 
Two - Faced Pendant // $0.50 // Garage Sale
Usually I stray from costume jewelry, but this was so different and had a whimsical flair.