Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Statement Boots

Cream Cardigan | Floral Skirt | Cowboy Boots | Platform Boots || Thrifted

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Frankenstein & Mia Wallace

Frankenstein T-Shirt | Stripper Boots || Thrifted
Fluffy Purse || Hand-me-down
Fish Nets || The Love Store

Button-Up | Lace Bralette |  Trousers | Loafers || Thrifted
Fake Blood || Halloween City
Cream Lipstick || Nighthawk by Urban Decay

Sunday, September 23, 2018

End of Summer Outfits

Floral Top | Mom Jeans || Thrifted
Vans || Journey's

Floral Dress | Olive Socks | Mini Backpack | Doc Martens || Thrifted

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Don't Worry

Sleeveless Top | A-Line Skirt | Chunky Platforms | Ruffle Socks | Mini Handbag || Thrifted
Genuine Leather Spike Choker || Amazon

My former colleague, Chip, and I met up for a photoshoot before he moved back to L.A. He's a talented artist that displays his work on stripper heels, etc. Chip suggested a classy hooker theme so I followed suit with this outfit. We shot in Sin City, so I paid homage by adding in the red glitter platforms and cheeky little top. I'm not completely sold on the message, but I'm living for the 90's inspired high-neck. Speaking of the 90's, I've been introduced to a sassy band called Garbage. Shirley, the female vocalist, has me feeling bold.

Saturday, May 5, 2018


Gold Trousers || Thrifted
Slipknot Top || Hand-me-down
Doc Martens || Dr. Martens
Lava Rock Bracelet || Karma and Luck

Mostly, I busted out this muscle tank because it's deliciously faded and the splashes of maroon matched my docs perfectly. I'm playing Snuff now and reminiscing on all the days I spent head banging to Slipknot's heavier songs. Years ago, I would've scoffed at the idea of wearing trousers, but now I sometimes prefer them over jeans. These beaded trousers jazz things up and would also pair nicely with a crop top. I wish I would've downsized on my Mary Jane's since they're quite spacious. Regardless, I appreciate the adorable reinvented take on the schoolgirl classic. In the warmer months, I often decorate my wrists with beaded bracelets to get me in that free spirit mood. The closest bracelet to my hand is fish vertebrae, the middle one is lava rock, and the last one is yak bone from Nepal.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Black Sails

Silky Bustier | Velvet Skirt | Leather Belt | Moto Boots || Thrifted
Sterling Silver Pendant || Garage Sale

With pirate fest nearing, I decided to use pieces that were already in my wardrobe. My outfit isn't too costumey, so it can easily translate to everyday wear. It was a real luxury to have on a bustier that fit my chest properly. The ruffles on my skirt helped add volume and a bit of drama. This belt lent a pirate vibe and kept my skirt in place. Being the explorer that I am, I stopped into Desert Industries afterwards. I came across this oversize plaid blazer that makes me think of Christmas and Scottish Terrier's.