Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Earth Serpent

Serpent Crop Top | Miniskirt | Doc Martens || Thrifted
Moss Green Socks || Target
Nine West Reptile Crossbody Bag || Macy's

Snakes are so alluring! It would have been something to see the massive Titanoboa roam the Earth. A couple years ago, I ordered this bag from Macy's, but never wore it because of a small but noticeable dent in the exterior. Poor thing got shoved in my tiny mailbox : ( This bag is perfectly structured and the inside has a hot pink fabric that makes finding things a breeze. Usually, I'm one to roll up my baggy sleeves, but instead I was digging this boxy silhouette. It reminded me of those dudes from the 80's who were brave enough to sport crop tops. Johnny Depp and Will Smith to name a few. A black miniskirt is a wardrobe essential for me personally. The tailoring and fit of this skirt really helped balance out the frumpiness of my t-shirt.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Summer Vacation Outfits {Colorado}

Turtleneck Crop Top, Denim Overalls, Gecko Pin // Thrifted
Vans // Journey's

These Gap overalls proved sensible for the seven hour car ride to Colorado. Pairing crop tops with overalls can help you avoid looking too grade school.

Harley Davidson T-Shirt, Rusty Socks, Chucks // Thrifted
Gold Velvet Scrunchie // Etsy

I adore wearing over sized t-shirts as dresses. Also, I can't seem to stop wearing men's dress socks since they add a little depth to my bare legs.

Wolf Moon Tee, White Leather Belt, Distressed Denim Shorts, Olive Socks, Chucks // Thrifted

Years ago, I saw this exact wolf t-shirt on Tumblr and I wanted it so bad. I never bought it, but years later I stumbled upon it at the thrift store and was beyond psyched. I finally wore it in Colorado and that day I spotted a dad wearing the same shirt as me. *scrunches nose* Just kidding, I was embarrassed at first, but nothing wrong with some dad vibes.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Photo Chronicle {July & August}

Floyd Lamb State Park, my favorite park in Vegas, is also home to Tule Springs Ranch. The ranch is home to historical buildings that were mainly constructed in the 1940's. Some of the building's interiors are being restored for public viewing...

I styled this halter top conservatively for my friend's birthday dinner at Geisha House.

Antique Asylum in Palmdale, California

Pages from vintage Playboy magazines.

Manhattan Beach, California

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Wool Hat, Creamy Button-Up Blouse, Dickie's Belt, Distressed Shorts, BCBG Boots // Thrifted
Horse Belt Buckle // Borrowed

Usually, I don't gravitate towards cowgirl clothing, but I kept eyeballing my boyfriend's belt buckle that never sees the sun. It was so stimulating to think of how I could fuse Western with my own style. Lately, I've been infatuated with belt buckles since there's a wide variety and there an obvious statement piece. I was lucky to have found the one belt in Goodwill that was belt buckle capable. It was too big for my waist, so my boyfriend used a knife to make a custom hole in the tough leather and a screwdriver to smooth out the raw edges. Lol I recommend a leather hole puncher if one's on hand. I thrifted this vintage top ages ago and was influenced by Lana Del Rey in Ride. After walking around in this getup, I became nostalgic and thought of this savory restaurant back in California called Texas Loosey's. All the sexy girls wear assless chaps and serve up the best steaks and chilly.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill & Salvation Army}

Cherry Blossom & Bamboo Tea Cup // $0.41
For this price, I couldn't pass this up. Bamboo and cherry blossoms are some of my favorite plants.
Snake Charmer Replica by Rajasthani, Bundi. 1760 A.D. - 1770 A.D. // $0.99
I found this artwork to be beautiful and it's mini size fits perfectly on any wall shelf.
Amsterdam T-Shirt // $0.99
Earlier this month, I was watching a comedian on Netflix and he mentioned visiting The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. I read her jaw clenching diary twice in my youth and would like to visit the museum someday.
Cherry Blossom Side Tie Top // $2.50
I own nothing like this and it will allow me to experiment with an early 2000s trend.
Ribbed Salmon Top // $2
The buttons sold me since you can be preppy or promiscuous depending on your mood.
Hawaiian Inspired Pencil Skirt // $2.30
I would totally wear this on some tropical island.
Vintage Floral Maxi Dress // $2.80 // Salvation Army
Originally, this dress had shoulder pads but I used a stitch picker to remove them. This baby doubles as a dress and as a kimono.
Patent Leather Lace Up Boots // $15
Las Vegas often has an array of stripper shoes in the thrift stores, especially after Halloween. These are so alternative and would fit right in at the M'era Luna music festival in Hildesheim, Germany. I've been watching so many vlogs about it, and it's a sea of black there : )
Hot Topic Glittery Platforms // $7.50
These are so costume and make me think Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summer Vacation Outfits {California}

Everything is thrifted except for my Ray-Bans from Sunglass Hut. I watched a tutorial on Hitomi's channel where she demonstrates how to tuck a silk scarf into a strapless bra. The scarf stayed up relatively well and had me feeling like a 50's pinup girl.

Everything is thrifted except for my pleather jacket from Nasty Gal. This 100% silk Victoria's Secret slip is so soft and would cause the best nights sleep. I added this rose brooch to the lapel of my jacket for a more personalized touch. Vacations are the best since I get to play dress up and select a separate outfit for day and night.

Everything is thrifted or hand-me-downs except for my Ray-Bans. I wore this to the beach and I'm so psyched that I was able to stroll around in these monochrome sandals.

Everything is secondhand except for my Vans from Journey's. It's so fuss free to wear a bra outside, especially when temperatures are blazing. This grommet belt completed the look and never fails to give off an edgy vibe. When packing, I try to be conservative with space and only do two accessories per outfit.