Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill 50% off Haul}

Filigree Velvet Rain Coat // $6.50
I almost left this beauty behind, since I already own two other rain coats and sadly the desert doesn't see much of them. Then I became delirious, seeing images of witches wandering through the woods and I was sold. 
Tropical Bathing Suit Top // $2.50
At some point this summer, I'll probably have a food baby at the pool and this will just help conceal things a bit.
Oriental Silk Top // $2
Seriously, the thrift stores have the most unique articles of clothing. Hidden in the black silk are dragons and I gotta say these red symbols look so yummy, since they totally remind me of narutomaki.
Velvet Skater Skirt // $2.50
I'm such a sucker for anything filigree, and I thought this would glam up an outfit this fall. 
Wilson's Snakeskin Leather Pants // $3.50
My younger self thought these were tacky, but now I see I had it all wrong. I'm almost positive that I saw the beautiful Mika from Wild Daze wearing the shit out of a similar pair in one of her videos. Lately, I've been loving out there pieces and these pants really helped satisfy my craving.
Oval Photo Frame // $0.99
I instantly got Victorian goth vibes when I saw this. Eventually, it'll be home to a creepy drawing.
Child's Wooden Dresser // $10
Clutter was starting to accumulate on my floor, so I saw this as my solution. It's a bit shabby, but it just adds to the character.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Skipping Class

Hair Bow // Claire's
Ray Bans // Sunglass Hut
Creamy Blouse // Thrifted
Mini Backpack // Thrifted
Pleated Gingham Skirt // Thrifted
Loafers // Thrifted

Man, this outfit took me back to when I attended a Catholic pre-school in L.A. County. Our uniforms were navy blue and white and even though it was a short experience, the memories have remained so vivid. It's cool for me to play around with classic pieces that never seem to fade. This brown & white color combo is so grandpa in the best way possible. I added a punch of present-day by securing two button pins to my backpack. You already know, I had to feature the notorious line from Mean Girls, "You can't sit with us" and a badass image of Marisa Tomei in the 90's film, My Cousin Vinny. I get such a kick from those comedies. My boyfriend and I took these photos at a beautiful park where they have a farmer's market twice a month. We particularly love one booth, this sweet couple sells the best sterling, gemstone, and handmade jewelry. Some of the items are brought back from their travels and are so so special. They just returned from India and Nepal, and boy did I love hearing about their time spent there. I bought the bracelet I'm wearing from them and it's made of Yak bone and came all the way from Nepal. So cool! The wife showed me her treasures: a silver jingly ankle bracelet and a silver pinky-sized pendant necklace featuring a secret compartment that women once used to hide notes in. Learning about other cultures is so fascinating and makes me visualize another lifestyle.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Black Velvet Purse // $4
I'm in love with the dainty gold detailing at the top, it looks like a crown that a princess might wear.
Cream Woven Organizer // $4
This arrangement is just an example. Storage like this has many possibilities. 
Chocolate & Gold Striped Velvetine Scarf // $1.50
If I attended Hogwarts, I'd wear this daily. The gold threading adds a spark of magic.
Bananna Stand // $1.49
Dark Wine Velvet Shorts // Plato's Closet  $3
Plato's isn't usually my thing, but they were kind enough to gift me $5 for my bday. I was so squealing since I've never come across velvet shorts at a thrift store. Eventually, I want to invest in a cool pair from Tunnel Vision with the corset lace up detailing.
Fleur De Luis Towel Holder // $0.99
Been serving us well!
Nike's // $13
My current Nike's were 60 bucks retail and are now beat and battered, so these are an affordable  upgrade.

Industrial Jewelry Stand // $2
This baby was caked in sticky gunk so I used Goo Gone and warm soapy water to scrub the filth away. It's now home to my boyfriend's minimal jewelry collection. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Night Out

Shimmery Cardigan // Thrifted
Dress // Thrifted
Fishnet Tights // Express
Ankle Boots // Thrifted
Crossbody Bag // Thrifted
Genuine Leather Spiked Choker // Amazon
Sterling Silver Tree Earrings // Claire's

Last week, I went to see George Thorogood and the Destroyers at The Palms casino with my family. I dressed more goth than rock n roll, but that's just what I'm most comfortable in. I've been dying to style this cardigan, it's glimmer effect is perfect for the nighttime. Claire's has some of the best sterling silver post earrings. Quality is on point and they have a great variety. From dinosaurs to unicorns. I'm glad I picked these trees up, I want to collect more and do a woodland theme. Also, Regal Rose has some killer earring options as well. My mom attended the concert and commented on my choker. I think she thought it was a bit out there, but then we noticed that some of the band's t-shirts feature a bulldog in a red spiked choker. Funny, I was a bit shy about wearing such a statement at first, but then it ended up seeming like it was intentional.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill - 2000's }

Silky Oriental Panda Handbag // $7
Eons ago, I went to my cousin's wedding and that night my sister and I were lucky enough to take home these little Oriental red structured handbags that were shaped like a a Chinese take out box. They were so cute and had a  red plastic 3-D heart charm attached to a bamboo inspired handle. Recently, I've been scoping out the purses, heaven's sake I don't need any more, but ever so often I'll come across a silky oriental bag in a bold color. I thought to myself wow now if it was in black and silver I'd soooo wear it and long behold the thrift gods blessed me.

Black Canvas Belt W/ D-Ring Buckle // $4
Pin Stripe Flared Pants // $7
Since the 2000's have been in full swing I thought these would make for a  fun throwback look. 
Gray Canvas Belt W/ D-Ring Buckle // $3

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Gray Filigree Cardigan // Thrifted
Black Silk Maxi Dress // Thrifted
Steve Madden Leather Tie-Up  Flats // Online
Black Purse // Thrifted
Sterling Silver Saturn Earrings // Claire's

Definitely disappointed in the brightness of these pics, but on the flip side I look flawless ; )
I brought out the darker side of my closet and decided to channel modern day witch before it gets too smoldering outside. This entire outfit is lounge proof, even the flats in case anyone was curious.