Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Spirited Away"

Velvet Choker / Amazon
 Ray Bans / Sunglass Hut 
Spirited Away Tee / Hot Topic {Similar} Hot Topic
Pleated Skirt / Thrifted {Similar} AA 
Ruffle Socks / Topshop {Similar} AA
Doc Martens / Thrifted {Similar} Nordstrom

Took these photos in the early days of summer, but I feel they are worth a mention. I felt like channeling my inner Harajuku girl and opted for a monochromatic palette. Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle have been childhood favorites of mine and my sisters. Gotta represent, the film is too magical not to.  Black pleated skirts of any length are a great closet staple. Sometimes I chuck on a sweater or a crop top and out the door I go! A Goodwill had opened up nearby and just as I was about to go check out, on top a table were these gently used Doc Marten oxfords in my size. How rare it was! Always hit up thrift stores on opening day because you'll likely find gems.


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