Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Sword

 Ball Chain Necklace / Thrifted {Similar} Tunnel Vision       
The Sword T-Shirt / Thrifted 
Velvet Pants / Thrifted {Similar} Asos   
Heels / Express 

This outfit is for days when you want to live in your pjs, but have to be put together for the real world. I've always loved the graphic on this shirt and only now decided to research what The Sword is. Turns out their a heavy metal band from Austin, Texas. Luckily, metal is my favorite genre so I'll give them a go. I'm usually not one to wear baggy on top and bottom, but I feel the heels helped the silhouette. You can always do a bralette on top or tight velvet leggings on the bottom. I couldn't resist from petting my velvet pants, hopefully no one saw. As for my hair, I promise it's not permanent. I'm just going through a bleaching process at the moment.


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