Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thrifted Finds

Forest Green Pullover // $2
I feel like Corey's character in Boy Meets World would wear something similar.
Chrome Silk Blouse // $3
Thought this would be an easy way to test out the pajama trend.

Mustard Velvet Blouse // $4
I plan to wear this beauty to next year's Renaissance Festival. You can't tell, but the sleeves have really large cut outs!

Mesh Top // $4
I can't wait to layer this piece.

Galaxy Pipe Tee // $2
At first, I was going to crop this, but I'm glad my boyfriend convinced me not to.
Khaki Cap // $3
I'm not sure where this logo is from, but I love the cap's earthy tones.

Tiger Eye Earrings // $3
If you're into stone jewelry, you might find some genuine pieces at your local thrift store. You can clean used earrings by putting rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, spraying the earring backs, and letting them sit and dry completely. 

Ball Chain Necklace // $4    //    Flower Necklace // $3
Usually, I try to buy only quality jewelry, but these screamed 90's, so I couldn't resist.

Light Fixture // $0.75
I love how this small upgrade made my sister's place more homey. 

Buddha Incense Burner // $4
My bedroom didn't need a fourth burner, but this little fellow was too precious to ignore. 

Home Goods Spider Box // $3.24
This isn't a thrifted item, but I thought I'd include it since I found it in the clearance section of Home Goods. If your a fan of creepy things, check out the clearance section of Marshall's, TJ Maxx, or any other similar store right after Halloween. You might find some quality items. This box is slightly chipped and has some uneven painting in the interior. However, I overlooked it all since the spider carvings were a unique feature and the box is quite heavy.

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