Monday, November 28, 2016

Thrifted Finds

Blk Velvet Glitter Robe // $7
I love velvet, but it's even better when glitter is thrown into the mix. This robe had ties but I cut them off since they didn't serve much of a purpose.

Floral Embroidered Cardigan // $8
At the moment, embroidered clothing is getting a lot of attention. I loved the pinky tones against the black in this particular piece.

Olive Floral Sheer Kimono // $8
I feel like I overpayed for this, but in the summer these babies come in handy.

Brown Velvet Button-up // $2.50
I kept seeing this at Salvation Army, and since it seemed no one wanted it, I thought I'd bring it home.

Brown Paisley Maxi Dress // $4.50
I've been wanting a long dress with button's going all the way down it. This one is perfect and this paisley pattern is meant for fall.

Chocolatey Velvet Dress // $11.99
Velvet maxi dresses will keep you really toasty this season.

Tripp Dress //$5
I was in disbelief when I spotted this bad boy on the rack . My boyfriend and I used to wear Tripp back in high school so we had a nostalgic moment with this.

Brown Velvet Top // $2.50
I was finding a shit load of brown velvet at Salvation Army.
Metallica Tee // $1.59
 Sarah Hawkinson, one of my favorite youtubers, showed a very similar Metallica tee from Target. I was so jealous and tempted to buy one, but I'm glad I avoided paying retail.
Faux Sheepskin Tank // $1
The texture of this Spice Girls esqe top is too cute and the velvet piping is the cherry on top.
Gold Cat Moon Brooch // $4
Hocus Pocus witchy vibes are strong. I joke and tell my boyfriend, it's us.

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