Friday, December 16, 2016

Goodwill Black Saturday Thrift Finds

Wall Art // $1.50
When I sift through artwork at a thrift store, I tend to gravitate towards foreign places. This one in particular is of the French Quarter Residences featuring Spanish architecture.

Champion Sports Bra // $1.50
I'm so into this water theme, just looking at it motivates me to work out. If your an exercise junkie be sure to look for work out gear at the thrift store. This bra was dirt cheap and it looked as if it was never worn.

Black Velvet Shrug // $2
I have quite a number of shrugs, and only now discovered the proper name for this type of garment. You can easily wear this unbuttoned with a dress underneath or you can wear it as a top and pair it with a mini skirt.

Cropped Wolf Tee - DIY // $1
Wolves are such bewitching animals, I'm obsessed. I cropped this shirt because it said "Wolf Pack" and that was a little cheesy for me.

Ann Taylor Embroidered Velvet Vest // $3.50
I felt like I stumbled upon such a treasure. This has such extravagant details, even oriental inspired closures. I die!

Black Mini Skirt // $3
These skirts are super easy to dress up or down. I'm fond of the sexy little slit on this baby.

Guess Mom Jeans - DIY // $3.50
I wore these jeans in my Flames post. Their unbelievably comfortable and they add an effortless look to any outfit. 

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