Sunday, December 4, 2016

Secondhand Style Steal - Hailee Steinfeld

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Leopard Coat / Thrifted {Similar} Zara
French Connection Tee / Thrifted {Similar} Amazon
Liz Claiborne Mom Jeans / Thrifted {Similar} Nordstrom 
Oxblood Leather Penny Loafers / Thrifted {Similar} Asos

This particular outfit has been in my head for quite sometime and thankfully it was cold enough to make it a reality. I even had Hailee's photo stored away (for winter) in my Dropbox. She's a wonderful actress / singer and I'm dying to see her star in The Edge of Seventeen, alongside good-humored, Woody Harrelson.  I constantly get fashion inspiration from celebrities or anyone in the social media circle. So, I thought I'd be fun to recreate my favorite outfits using secondhand pieces. If you have any outfit suggestions, just leave a comment down below. Leopard print coats can be overwhelming, but if you pair them with basics, you can't go wrong. Although, I  did feel a little like a pimp and a European because I added in the penny loafers. I'm not complaining, though! I found these loafers in the men's section and I always seem to find genuine leather shoes there. The only tricky part is finding your shoe size, but eye-balling can help with the elimination process. I adore how simple this tee is, yet the clever letter placement gives it a little oomph. Ladies, mom jeans are back for a reason, cause they accentuate the booty!


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