Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Thrifted Finds

DKNY Slip Dress // $3.50
This will pair nicely with a t-shirt underneath.

Topshop Maxi Floral Skirt // $3
I fell in love with this floral print so much, that I overlooked the fact that half of the buttons are freaking missing!

Zara Trousers // $7
Girls on Youtube like Allie XCX, are always thrifting cool oversize trousers. These are pretty tame, but I want to venture out more, maybe try a plaid pattern in the future.


Harley Davidson Tee // $7
I hate paying this much for a t-shirt, but it's long enough to wear as a dress and I gotta represent California.

Nirvana Tee // $2
I'd been hoping that the thrift gods would bless me with a Nirvana tee and they did! I prefer this graphic over the smiley one that I always see.

Black Lace Up Hoodie // $7
I found this on top of one of those shelves they have sitting on top of the clothing racks at Goodwill. I'm baffled that someone saw this trendy thing and left it behind.

Floral Mug // $0.69
What's with me lately? I usually avoid red, but when it's in nature form it gives off a romantic feel that I can't deny.

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