Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thrifted Finds

Olive Metallic Crinkled Bomber // $4.50
This originally had shoulder pads, which is a tell-tale sign that it's an older piece. I imagine a cool spellbinding grandma once cherished this jacket.
Gap Distressed Denim Vest // $3.50
I'd been looking for a longer denim vest so I could pair with skinny jeans and Doc Martens for a rockabilly look.
Japan Tee // $1
Just wearing this shirt is going to educate me on Japan's main cities. Traveling there and seeing the natural elements the island has to offer will be so fulfilling. 
Beauty and the Beast Tee // $1
Seriously, the new remake with Emma Watson has me so hot and bothered.
Velvet Ruffle Maxi Skirt // $3
There's a plethora of themes in this skirt. Pirate, witch, gypsy, and peasant to name a few.
Floral Pleated Skirt // $2
Since this skirt is so sheer, I'm currently on the lookout for black high waisted 50's panties.
Western Belt // $4
The ornate details make it one of a kind. 
Mini Canvas Backpack // $4
I love this old skool color combo, never going away.  Soon, I'll stick some rad  pins in this baby.
Historic People Lunch Bag // $6
I'm going to stuff it with sandwiches and bring it on a picnic.
Milani Bodyglow // $2, Milani Glimmer Stripes // $2, Milani Olive Eyeshadow // $1, Milani Mauve Powder Blush // $1
I was in the midst of exploring a new Goodwill when another women and I spotted a basket full of discontinued Milani makeup. I use their products daily so I was riveted to try these out. The bodyglow comes in a cute glass pot and works nicely as a subtle highlighter. These highlighter strips  have decent pigmentation and are similar to the Physician Formula Strips. The eyeshadow makes my brown eyes pop and the blush is the perfect dusty pink shade!
Cherry Blossom Showpiece // $1.49
Spring is the best since cherry blossom trees are in bloom. I'm going to have this on my office desk, so I can constantly be reminded of their beauty. 

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