Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Skipping Class

Hair Bow // Claire's
Ray Bans // Sunglass Hut
Creamy Blouse // Thrifted
Mini Backpack // Thrifted
Pleated Gingham Skirt // Thrifted
Loafers // Thrifted

Man, this outfit took me back to when I attended a Catholic pre-school in L.A. County. Our uniforms were navy blue and white and even though it was a short experience, the memories have remained so vivid. It's cool for me to play around with classic pieces that never seem to fade. This brown & white color combo is so grandpa in the best way possible. I added a punch of present-day by securing two button pins to my backpack. You already know, I had to feature the notorious line from Mean Girls, "You can't sit with us" and a badass image of Marisa Tomei in the 90's film, My Cousin Vinny. I get such a kick from those comedies. My boyfriend and I took these photos at a beautiful park where they have a farmer's market twice a month. We particularly love one booth, this sweet couple sells the best sterling, gemstone, and handmade jewelry. Some of the items are brought back from their travels and are so so special. They just returned from India and Nepal, and boy did I love hearing about their time spent there. I bought the bracelet I'm wearing from them and it's made of Yak bone and came all the way from Nepal. So cool! The wife showed me her treasures: a silver jingly ankle bracelet and a silver pinky-sized pendant necklace featuring a secret compartment that women once used to hide notes in. Learning about other cultures is so fascinating and makes me visualize another lifestyle.


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