Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill - 2000's }

Silky Oriental Panda Handbag // $7
Eons ago, I went to my cousin's wedding and that night my sister and I were lucky enough to take home these little Oriental red structured handbags that were shaped like a a Chinese take out box. They were so cute and had a  red plastic 3-D heart charm attached to a bamboo inspired handle. Recently, I've been scoping out the purses, heaven's sake I don't need any more, but ever so often I'll come across a silky oriental bag in a bold color. I thought to myself wow now if it was in black and silver I'd soooo wear it and long behold the thrift gods blessed me.

Black Canvas Belt W/ D-Ring Buckle // $4
Pin Stripe Flared Pants // $7
Since the 2000's have been in full swing I thought these would make for a  fun throwback look. 
Gray Canvas Belt W/ D-Ring Buckle // $3

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