Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill 50% off Haul}

Filigree Velvet Rain Coat // $6.50
I almost left this beauty behind, since I already own two other rain coats and sadly the desert doesn't see much of them. Then I became delirious, seeing images of witches wandering through the woods and I was sold. 
Tropical Bathing Suit Top // $2.50
At some point this summer, I'll probably have a food baby at the pool and this will just help conceal things a bit.
Oriental Silk Top // $2
Seriously, the thrift stores have the most unique articles of clothing. Hidden in the black silk are dragons and I gotta say these red symbols look so yummy, since they totally remind me of narutomaki.
Velvet Skater Skirt // $2.50
I'm such a sucker for anything filigree, and I thought this would glam up an outfit this fall. 
Wilson's Snakeskin Leather Pants // $3.50
My younger self thought these were tacky, but now I see I had it all wrong. I'm almost positive that I saw the beautiful Mika from Wild Daze wearing the shit out of a similar pair in one of her videos. Lately, I've been loving out there pieces and these pants really helped satisfy my craving.
Oval Photo Frame // $0.99
I instantly got Victorian goth vibes when I saw this. Eventually, it'll be home to a creepy drawing.
Child's Wooden Dresser // $10
Clutter was starting to accumulate on my floor, so I saw this as my solution. It's a bit shabby, but it just adds to the character.

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