Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Black Velvet Purse // $4
I'm in love with the dainty gold detailing at the top, it looks like a crown that a princess might wear.
Cream Woven Organizer // $4
This arrangement is just an example. Storage like this has many possibilities. 
Chocolate & Gold Striped Velvetine Scarf // $1.50
If I attended Hogwarts, I'd wear this daily. The gold threading adds a spark of magic.
Bananna Stand // $1.49
Dark Wine Velvet Shorts // Plato's Closet  $3
Plato's isn't usually my thing, but they were kind enough to gift me $5 for my bday. I was so squealing since I've never come across velvet shorts at a thrift store. Eventually, I want to invest in a cool pair from Tunnel Vision with the corset lace up detailing.
Fleur De Luis Towel Holder // $0.99
Been serving us well!
Nike's // $13
My current Nike's were 60 bucks retail and are now beat and battered, so these are an affordable  upgrade.

Industrial Jewelry Stand // $2
This baby was caked in sticky gunk so I used Goo Gone and warm soapy water to scrub the filth away. It's now home to my boyfriend's minimal jewelry collection. 

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