Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Saver's Haul}

Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring // S13
I was over the moon when I spotted this gem. I've been so inspired by Tessa Diamondly, a beautiful German blogger. She's always decked out in the best turquoise and sterling Navajo jewelry.
Burnt Orange Glass Earrings // $1.50
These almost look like amber and when the sun catches them in the light its absolutely magical.
Military Green Canvas Belt // $1
These types of belts are so nostalgic and they give a cool scruffy look to any outfit.
Fuzzy Cranberry Beret // $2
I was so thankful for this textured beret since I had to send two berets right back to the thrift store after they no longer fit my head. Does wool shrink over time?
White Lace Corset // $6
One look and I knew these cups weren't going to fit my ta tas, but I was desperate and this one was free of stains. I'll most likely pair it with a cardigan.
Obey Route 66 T-Shirt // $4
Funny story, I was wearing another Route 66 shirt that I thrifted and this man said "What's up with all this Route 66 people".  I'm like "I dunno, I just thrifted this." He's like "Oh well, I do tour guides in California and that's one of my stops. Lol I felt like a poser, but I love this monochromatic way of representing America, I can wear it on Fourth of July without being so in your face.
Olive Embroidered Witchy Velvet Dress // $11
I was glancing at the bottom of the dress rack and this immediately caught my attention since it has that warlock  herb earthy vibe. Also, I'm so stoked because this can also double as a robe.

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