Sunday, April 2, 2017


Crop Top, Floral Pleated Maxi Skirt, Boots, Backpack, Wooden Bracelet // Thrifted
Chocolate Velvet Scrunchie // Etsy
Black Leather Choker // Amazon

How amazing is this blend of nature and antiques? So indebted to my mom and her hunny for allowing me to snap shots around this oasis, (as my mom likes to call it). I imagined this skirt would pair nicely with platform boots,but my go-to ones left an awkward gap of skin between the top of my boots and the bottom of my skirt. Thankfully, I remembered these under the knees boots, only problem is they squish my toes, but gotta sacrifice, you know : p  Awhile back, I purchased this sterling ring at a local Pow Wow. I asked the seller if the ring was jade, and he say yes. I'm not sure of that since it also looks like aventurine, but nevertheless the unique design captivates me.


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