Monday, April 10, 2017


Playboy Corset, Sheer Robe, Velvet Purse // Thrifted
Leggings // Ross
Vans // Journey's

The warmer weather always delivers an optimism that fills me with motivation to experiment more with my style. However, in winter, you can find me pouting in the cold. Normally, I pick out only one statement piece and work other clothing around it. However, I felt a bit more daring on this day. This robe adds such a level of drama, especially in the wind. I feel like Marilyn Monroe might've sat at her vanity clad in a similar robe. I swear, Salvation Army hooked it up with this Playboy corset. It was brand new with tags and was priced at $48. I find the velvet piping so darling and I love how the lace up detail is in the front, I felt like a present waiting to be unwrapped. In middle school, my sister and I had a small Playboy obsession. One time, she was going to donate a pair of Playboy jeans that no longer fit, so my scavenger self pryed off the silver Playboy zippers. I put my jewelry kit to good use and turned them into dangly earrings. The earrings have long since been donated, wahhh. On another sad note, I miss tuning in to watch The Girls Next Door.


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