Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thrift Haul {Salvation Army $3 Clothing Day}

Velvet Duster
I'm appreciaing the rich plum color and the mandarin collar. It looks like something worn in ancient times.

     Remedy's Hoodie
 I love an oversized hoodie when I'm
going for that bad boy look.

Emerald Velvet Glitter Tank Top
 Glittery roses, need I say more!?

Fish Net Hoodie
Such an easy thing to just chuck on or layer with to achieve a street style look.

Salmon Pink Maxi Dress
At first, I gravitated towards the color of this dress and then was intrigued by it's rice bag texture. It's so weightless, making it ideal for Nevada's hottest days.
Olive Velveteen Pants
Every time I see velvet pants I stick them in my cart. They're the perfect thing to throw on on when your lounging around but are craving a bit of luxury.

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