Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Forest Green Velvet Dress // $0.99
Looking at this oversized garment on the hanger, I knew I'd look like a potato sack. I said screw it and tried it on anyhow. I loved how effortless it looked and if I want to really challenge myself I can wear it completely unbuttoned like a robe and style some cool pieces underneath. 
Sheer Lace Cover Up // $0.99
I was flipping through the go back rack and decided that for a buck, it'd be easy to just to toss this on after a swim.
Velvet Oriental Inspired Top // $5
Butterflies when I saw this. It's rare for to find iridescent velvet done in such a striking way. I love how it changes from dark maroon to electric blue.
Silk Slip Skirt // $0.99
I'm surprised I've gone this long without picking one of these up from a thrift store. They're such a thrift essential and can help a girl keep modest.
Sun & Moon  Frame // $0.35
I've placed this on a shelf where I keep things that provide zen. Pondering who's face I should put in it.

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