Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Hanging Glass Lantern // $2
The lantern on the left is from World Market, and the one on the right is thrifted. One day, I dream of having a huge library with lanterns hanging from the ceiling, 
Maroon Velvet Tunic // $6.99
I love the rich detailing and how the crushed velvet travels in vertical lines.
Floral & Bird Mug // $0.69
I'm so delighted  with this mug because it doesn't require a coaster and it fits loads of hot tea.
Cami Garter // $4.99
I was scouring through the lingerie section and came across a silky teal cami and a red cami with black hearts. Those weren't exactly my cup of tea so I looked at some clothes, but my mind was convinced that I missed something. I went back and found this black beauty hidden amongst the pj's. It's by a brand called Vixen, and they still have it on the website. 
Wallart // $2
I feel so silly cause i'm not sure if this is dog or a wolf. Regardless, my heart melts since I'm a sucker for anything that brings the outdoors in.

Guess Mini Handbag // $4.99
This bag is giving me young Mary-Kate vibes. I'm loving the mini bags, but damn my brick sized phone is a problem.


Large Glass Bowl  // $0.99
For weeks, I kept browsing the glassware in Goodwill hoping to find a home for my liquid lipsticks. I was so jazzed to find this little piece of history, it serves as a cute reminder of old Vegas. 

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