Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

                                                                                                        Silky PJ Set // $3.50
                                                     Thin pajamas are great if it's hot out, and your craving long sleeves or pants. 
                                                             I really want to challenge myself and wear the set out in public.

Velvety Glitter Leaf Dress // $4.50
I love the pairing of textures and how the slit keeps you from getting lost in all the fabric.

Victoria's Secret Slip Dress // $2.50
I was won over by the afterglow effect.

Shattered Fleck Pendant // $2.79
This mysterious pendant has interesting imperfections and appears to be handmade. I wonder if it's one of a kind.
Velvet Beaded Bag // $8
A few months back, I was watching a thrift haul on Diana Chamomile's channel. She hauled a similar bag and I thought it gave off a cool gypsy vibe. I didn't think I'd come across anything like it, but I'm so thankful that I did. 

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