Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Salvation Army & Garage Sale}

Red Velvet Coat // $1 // Garage Sale
I found this mystifying piece at the annual Great Garage & Antique Sale in Las Vegas. If your ever in the area I recommend you don't miss out. I barely made it to each booth since there was a plethora to see and you just can't help but to converse with knowledgeable sellers. Another girl and I were digging through boxes of clothes hidden with vintage gems. I asked her isn't this great and she agreed showing me bright floral dresses that she picked out for her and her mom. The seller told us that he acquired all the clothing when he had planned to open up a thrift shop, but unfortunately things went flop.
Floral Blouse // $2.50 // Salvation Army
Breezy blouses are so effortless and go great with denim shorts and a vintage belt.
Floral Vintage Blazer // $3 // Salvation Army
I like how this looks like grandma's wallpaper.  It's so oversized, so I imagine pairing it with a skirt and under the knee socks.
Blush Slip Dress // $2.50 // Salvation Army
These panels create a nice slimming effect.
Metallic Blouse // $1 // Garage Sale
This top is a deep wine, but when it catches the light a shiny red shade is revealed.
Floral Silk Handbag // $0.99 // Salvation Army
Such an easy way to add a girly 2000 vibe to any outfit. 
Two - Faced Pendant // $0.50 // Garage Sale
Usually I stray from costume jewelry, but this was so different and had a whimsical flair.


  1. You've found some great thrift finds, especially the red velvet blazer!


    1. Thank you!! I love your style and your thrift finds are really awesome.