Saturday, June 3, 2017

Cactus Joe's & OOTN

A friend recommended that I check out Cactus Joe's, a nursery on the outskirts of Vegas. It was a curious place to explore and the friendly staff made the experience all the better.

The cutest wedding chapel!

Even the outside bathrooms had character.

A shop full of affordable crystals, handmade jewelry, and unique items.

Colored Glass

An employee pointed out a hummingbird that hatched just days before. My boyfriend and I didn't want to be too invasive with the camera, but when we peered in to observe it was the most precious thing.

A few nights ago, I attended a Highly Suspect concert at the Hard Rock casino. I was majorly distorted as to what to wear. I mean what the hell do you wear to a concert at a pool venue late at night!? Wasn't sure if all the fans would be in the pool or if people were going to be with water guns or what. Luckily, everything was really tame and only some brave souls swam in the freezing pool. I decided on a pink halter swimsuit top, but it was difficult pairing it with the right bottoms. Cropped halter tops are easy, but longer halter tops are another story. I googled some inspiration and pants made the most sense. Hope you like my all thrifted outfit...

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