Sunday, June 18, 2017

High and Dry

Bandanna // Hot Topic
Gold Bracelet and Beaded Necklace // Secondhand Gifts
Lace Bralette // Victoria's Secret / Gift
Tortoise Shell Sunglasses, Gold Hoops, Snakeskin Pants, 90's Boots // Thrifted

Lone Mountain offers those great desert vibes if you can't make it to Red Rock Canyon. These genuine leather snakeskin pants are such a statement piece that I let them be the star of the outfit. They felt super satiny against my skin and helped elongate my legs. I've noticed these small oval sunglasses are coming back into style and was elated to find them so cheap at the thrift store. Their tricky for my round face to pull off, but the slight cat eye changed the game for me.  When new trends roll around it's important not to force anything and just know you can tweak things to make them work for you. My sweet sister told me I look like one of the girls from Charmed. That was a huge compliment since we grew up watching the show together. I especially miss how Rose McGowan used to dress. I recently watched her in an interview and she's still a badass, but she's more mature.

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