Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Metallic Button-Up // $3.50
I'm obsessed with color shifting tops. This one is the shade of Will Ferrell's suit in the 90's comedy, A Night at the Roxbury. The film is hysterical and full of exciting fashion moments.
Velvet Scarf // $6
Vegas is too hot to wrap a thick ass scarf around your neck, but luckily my friend showed me that I can wear it as a shawl on chilly nights.

Glittery Lace Cardigan // $7
Usually, I'm not a fan of cardigans that have a cascading effect, but this one gave me Halloween vibes. 
Celtic Unicorn Tote // $4
It appears that someone used marker to color in the graphic , but both sides of the bag are identical prints. I'm so puzzled! Anyhow, it's so oversized that it will be handy at a flea market or at a grocery store. 
Beige Corduroy Pants // $5
These are going to be ultra comfy for those lazy fall days. 
Glass Bead Choker // $2.50
When I was younger, I use to make jewelry using glass beads. Seeing this brought back good memories : )  It's perfect for adding a quirky factor to an outfit. 

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