Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Levi's Shearling Denim Jacket // $9
The shearling and dark wash made me think of the 70's. It has a snug fit and offers much warmth.
Shimmery Anne Klein Top // $6
In the colder months, I layer fishnet and mesh tops underneath my t-shirts. A shimmery fabric will be a nice switch up.
Undead Graphic Tee // $3
Not sure what's going on with this shirt. The crown looks Egyptian, but the red moon seems to be reflecting the Golden Gate Bridge. I dunno, but I'm excited to wear it as a dress.
Sunflower Denim Tote // $5.50
I was on the lookout for a plain denim tote, but this one was better than I envisioned.
Striped D-Ring Belt //  $2
Thought this would ease me into the whole race car trend.
Dusty Pink Bra // Depop // $12
Depop has me so addicted. I tried to avoid the app, but they make it so easy to shop secondhand. Sometimes I want affordable trendy pieces asap, but don't want to support fast fashion retailers. Depop is the perfect solution.

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