Sunday, June 25, 2017


Bandanna // Hot Topic
Vintage Sunnies, Glass Earrings, Cross Necklace, Wolf Tee {DIY}, Woven Bag, Belt, Denim Shorts {DIY}, Rusty Socks, Converse // Thrifted

Last week, I wasn't sure what to title this post. I felt that "Lone Wolf" and "Wolf Pack" didn't make sense. I thought "Wolves" was a straight forward choice, but still felt iffy about it. A few days later, I attended a concert where I saw Dreamers, a fine-ass rock band, perform a song titled "Wolves". I like looking for little signs that validate my decisions. The heat makes me think Western, so I went that route. These shorts are too puffy, but the triangle designs on the front and back make me weak. I took the burnt orange color of the shirt and accentuated with my earrings and socks. Accessories are key. This woven bag reminds me of an envelope and makes me think of South America which I hope to visit someday. Usually, I don't mix hardware, but I knew these random sunglasses would complete the look. I acquired these from my friend's mom and for some reason my friend and I refereed to them as cop glasses.    

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