Saturday, July 1, 2017

Photo Chronicle - June

On the first Friday of the month, downtown Las Vegas serves up unique cuisine, offers the latest goods for sell, and most importantly showcases local artwork. As an onlooker, I also received so much inspiration from the nearby buildings and from the stylish attendees.

Later on, they added color.

The young lady who hand made these, was a total doll!

One of my favorite local radio station's, X107.5, brings alternative musicians to Our Big Concert. This year, it was free! I've never attended before, but was so elated to see Dreamers, Sir Sly, Coin, and Bishop Briggs in the flesh. Getting an opportunity to hear some of my new favorite songs performed live was so surreal. As for my outfit, I went for a child's theme.

My mom's boyfriend treated my family and I to fresh sour grapes.

There was a magical elderly women selling her old wood furniture and other bits from her driveway. I wanted to take a photo of her dreamy house, so bad! I told her I loved the wood beams going across and that it seemed straight out of London. She said it was Switzerland inspired, where her husband was from. After googling, "Swiss homes", I see the strong influence. I was delighted to discover that we shared the same name. Diana wore huge yellow tinted eyeglasses and sat in a chair sketching a nearby tree. She also shared drawings of bunnies, (as cute as Thumper), that will become illustrations for a children's book. Just as I was getting in my car to leave, her son chased me down to give me this lovely drawing of me. I was so stunned since no one's ever drawn me before.

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