Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill & West Star Ranch Thrift Store}

Glass Candle Holder // $0.84 // West Star Ranch Thrift Store
When I visit a nearby town, I'll pop into West Star, a thrift store and animal shelter. Cats roam freely all over the  property and all proceeds go towards helping the animals. Hole in the wall type of places often have the best deals. This candle holder creates a cool dimensional effect when lit at night.
Old Navy Denim Jacket // $3.50
I've been searching for a fitted Levi's denim jacket with a light wash, but those are a hot item at the thrift. I'm really grateful I happened upon this one, since it reminds me of Acne's denim jackets.
Vintage Velvet Kimono // $6
This originally had shoulder pads, but I did away with them. Piles of crunchy fallen leaves are something I wish I could experience more, but this kimono will fill the void for now. 
Harley Davidson Silk Blouse // $3.50
Kinda booshie, but I love it! I gotta say, these are the strangest closures I've ever dealt with on an article of clothing.
Sons of Anarchy T-shirt // $2
At first, I wasn't completely sold on this show due to the constant drama. I have only ever enjoyed drama shows with horror or fantasy thrown in. I slowly became invested in some of the characters and realized that every episode it so intense that it compares to a season finale. Maybe someone got rid of this shirt because they felt the show was outdated, but I feel the flames make it extra relevant. 
Sheer Floral Bodysuit // $5
Finding thong bodysuits is so rare for me. The floral embroidery is perfectly delicate and will look great coupled with some mom jeans and a belt.
Chico's Velveteen Pants // $0.84 // West Star Ranch Thrift Store
The stickiest cobwebs were clinging to both sides of the pants, but I used my fingers and a lint roller to take it off.
Ralph Lauren Corduroy Skirt // $5
Love the mix of black and gold. This skirt will serve as a great basic when paired with holiday tops.

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