Sunday, July 16, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Saver's Part I}

Victoria's Secret Corset // $1.25
I felt so accomplished finding this corset, since it actually fits my chest properly. The cleavage dip and ruffles are such thoughtful details.
Meditation  Lotus Top // $5.50
At first, I didn't notice that the stitching on the neckline was coming undone, but nevertheless the top really spoke to me. I'm currently reading a thrifted book on Hinduism, Zen, and Buddhism. The fading and layout of the top is so reminiscent to the one's my mom and I used to wear in the early 2000's.
Tortoise Shell Sunglasses // $2 each
These have been great testers to see if I want to invest in designer versions.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art 100% Silk Scarf // $3
This museum would be a dream visit. The quality of the scarf is such a treat and features a timeless design. 
 Floral Beaded Purse // $6
Veronique Auguste, a darling youtuber, is a master at finding real vintage items at the thrift store. Even though this purse isn't vintage, she really inspired this purchase. I really appreciate the needlepoint work and how the chain tucks in neatly inside so it can double as a clutch.
Gold Leaf Earrings // $5
Lately, I've been a sucker for stained glass earrings. They add a bit of warmth to the face.
Girl at the Mirror Print // $3
One look at this painting and I was able to relate to the insecurities and uncertainties that this young lady might feel. She looks lovely above my vanity and serves as a reminder not to be too critical on myself. 
Goblet // $0.99
I've come across hundreds of these at the thrift store, but on a whim I just decided to pick this one up.

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