Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Woodland Fairy

Sterling Silver Leaf Studs & Sterling Silver Fairy Ring // Festival
Sterling Silver Wishing Tree Studs // Claire's
Faux Wooden Gauges // Amazon
Citrine Wrap Necklace // Dotty's Originals
Dragon Necklace, Velvet Dress, Taupe Leather Boots // Thrifted

Early spring, Simply Kenna put out a fairy makeup tutorial that really inspired me to create this look. She's so original, you can't help but to hang onto every word she says. I also got the flower twists idea from her go to hairstyles video. It was rather straightforward and I used dried baby's breath that I had lying around my apartment. Gosh, I wish you could all feel how soft this moss green dress feels. For once, I purposely avoided adding any harsh black into my outfit. These boots have such a pointy toe that it makes my feet look unpleasantly long. However,  I think it worked to my benefit in giving off elvish vibes. This citrine necklace is great because it brings the wearer prosperity. With Game of Thrones back, I had to unleash my dragon. Just kidding, I'm pathetically behind on the show since I don't have HBO. This necklace isn't merch, but I'm obsessed with how the dragon's tail conceals a spiral blade.

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