Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summer Vacation Outfits {California}

Everything is thrifted except for my Ray-Bans from Sunglass Hut. I watched a tutorial on Hitomi's channel where she demonstrates how to tuck a silk scarf into a strapless bra. The scarf stayed up relatively well and had me feeling like a 50's pinup girl.

Everything is thrifted except for my pleather jacket from Nasty Gal. This 100% silk Victoria's Secret slip is so soft and would cause the best nights sleep. I added this rose brooch to the lapel of my jacket for a more personalized touch. Vacations are the best since I get to play dress up and select a separate outfit for day and night.

Everything is thrifted or hand-me-downs except for my Ray-Bans. I wore this to the beach and I'm so psyched that I was able to stroll around in these monochrome sandals.

Everything is secondhand except for my Vans from Journey's. It's so fuss free to wear a bra outside, especially when temperatures are blazing. This grommet belt completed the look and never fails to give off an edgy vibe. When packing, I try to be conservative with space and only do two accessories per outfit.

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