Sunday, August 27, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill & Salvation Army}

Cherry Blossom & Bamboo Tea Cup // $0.41
For this price, I couldn't pass this up. Bamboo and cherry blossoms are some of my favorite plants.
Snake Charmer Replica by Rajasthani, Bundi. 1760 A.D. - 1770 A.D. // $0.99
I found this artwork to be beautiful and it's mini size fits perfectly on any wall shelf.
Amsterdam T-Shirt // $0.99
Earlier this month, I was watching a comedian on Netflix and he mentioned visiting The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. I read her jaw clenching diary twice in my youth and would like to visit the museum someday.
Cherry Blossom Side Tie Top // $2.50
I own nothing like this and it will allow me to experiment with an early 2000s trend.
Ribbed Salmon Top // $2
The buttons sold me since you can be preppy or promiscuous depending on your mood.
Hawaiian Inspired Pencil Skirt // $2.30
I would totally wear this on some tropical island.
Vintage Floral Maxi Dress // $2.80 // Salvation Army
Originally, this dress had shoulder pads but I used a stitch picker to remove them. This baby doubles as a dress and as a kimono.
Patent Leather Lace Up Boots // $15
Las Vegas often has an array of stripper shoes in the thrift stores, especially after Halloween. These are so alternative and would fit right in at the M'era Luna music festival in Hildesheim, Germany. I've been watching so many vlogs about it, and it's a sea of black there : )
Hot Topic Glittery Platforms // $7.50
These are so costume and make me think Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. 

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