Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Wool Hat, Creamy Button-Up Blouse, Dickie's Belt, Distressed Shorts, BCBG Boots // Thrifted
Horse Belt Buckle // Borrowed

Usually, I don't gravitate towards cowgirl clothing, but I kept eyeballing my boyfriend's belt buckle that never sees the sun. It was so stimulating to think of how I could fuse Western with my own style. Lately, I've been infatuated with belt buckles since there's a wide variety and there an obvious statement piece. I was lucky to have found the one belt in Goodwill that was belt buckle capable. It was too big for my waist, so my boyfriend used a knife to make a custom hole in the tough leather and a screwdriver to smooth out the raw edges. Lol I recommend a leather hole puncher if one's on hand. I thrifted this vintage top ages ago and was influenced by Lana Del Rey in Ride. After walking around in this getup, I became nostalgic and thought of this savory restaurant back in California called Texas Loosey's. All the sexy girls wear assless chaps and serve up the best steaks and chilly.


  1. Omg I am obsessed with this top and that sheer panel!

    Enclothed Cognition

  2. Wow, I found this look very stylish, I just loved it!