Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Earth Serpent

Serpent Crop Top | Miniskirt | Doc Martens || Thrifted
Moss Green Socks || Target
Nine West Reptile Crossbody Bag || Macy's

Snakes are so alluring! It would have been something to see the massive Titanoboa roam the Earth. A couple years ago, I ordered this bag from Macy's, but never wore it because of a small but noticeable dent in the exterior. Poor thing got shoved in my tiny mailbox : ( This bag is perfectly structured and the inside has a hot pink fabric that makes finding things a breeze. Usually, I'm one to roll up my baggy sleeves, but instead I was digging this boxy silhouette. It reminded me of those dudes from the 80's who were brave enough to sport crop tops. Johnny Depp and Will Smith to name a few. Personally, a black miniskirt is a wardrobe essential for me. The tailoring and fit of this skirt really helped balance out the frumpiness of my t-shirt.

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  1. amazing post and lovely pictures :)