Sunday, October 15, 2017

Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival {2017}

                                 Wicked Eye Makeup

Gypsy Wagon

Peasant Dress | Glass Bead Necklace | Crossbody Bag | Lace Up Boots || Thrifted
Sterling Silver Sword & Leaf Earrings || Festivals

Ren Faire was beyond marvelous and I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my boyfriend and his beautiful family. All of my senses were truly stimulated. While wandering around, I recognized some old friendly faces, and was also bewitched with new ones. I spoke to the lovely owners of the a gypsy wagon, pictured above, who use it to travel all over the United States. The devilish vendor with the red eyes, pictured above, clued me in that the real magic starts after hours when all the guilds party the night away. Man, I would love to join a guild and camp out three nights with such captivating people. This mildew dress kept me cozy and comfortable. My boyfriend's mum and I joked that I was her handmaid.

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