Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thrifted Finds {Goodwill}

Snake Wall Art | $1
While sifting through all the frames and artwork, my boyfriend unearthed this beauty which happened to be on sale. Surprisingly, the sparkly rust color and the iridescent from the mother-of-pearl work really well together.
Flower Mug | $0.69
Every autumn, I have the itch to bring more mugs home. The missing petal on the flower feels so whimsical and carefree.
Sublime Tank Top | Hand-Me-Down
Jeez, I couldn't believe it when my boyfriend brought a trash bag full of clothes home. His coworker hardly wore any of the clothes, if at all. Sublime is super chill and I'll never grow tired of looking at their iconic logo.
Denim Pocket Skirt | $3.50
While checking my e-mail, I saw that Unif was selling a skirt like this and I instantly thought 2000's. This would look so fab with a tube top or a velvet spaghetti strap.
Heeled Sandals | $7
While dining out, my best friend and I had noticed this chic women wearing black heeled sandals.  We felt that they were so sleek and a week later I was lucky enough to find a similar pair.

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