Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Turtleneck | Vest | Mini Skirt | Mini Handbag | Book | Platform Shoes || Thrifted
Sterling Silver Necklace || Garage Sale
Sterling Silver Onyx Ring || Doty's Originals
Sterling Silver Garnet Ring || Regal Rose

I'm hoping that those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a marvelous time. It's been ages since I've worn a tailored vest. I find them quite tricky to style. Although, I'm glad I didn't pass on this festive piece since it got me in the spirit. Pilgrim hats are part of the fun, so I brought out these shoes with buckle details to pay homage. This statement necklace has a unique and bewitching design that I can't get over. My mom kindly haggled down the price for me when we attended the Great Garage & Antique Sale.  Not only does this velvet book make an amazing prop, but it's a magical read as well.  The Secret Garden is one of my most beloved childhood stories and films.

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