Sunday, January 7, 2018


Velvet Dress | Floral Handbag | Mary Janes || Thrifted
Suede Jacket | Hand Me Down
Sterling Silver Labradorite Necklace || Silver Post

        Wishing you all a Happy New Year : )  A couple months ago, I watched a bizarre film called The Love Witch. Elaine, the main character, is a bit of a nut job whose style manages to be head turning. I was so inspired by her large bold amulets that I requested one for Christmas. In the store, I tried on larger amulets, but they felt too masculine. An employee suggested I choose this exact labradorite necklace since it flashed the best. Labradorite is the most protective mineral of them all, so I thought it fitting that my amulet would be this stone.
       The cult film, Clueless, inspired the mini handbag and faux fur. Although, my sister pointed out my fur collared jacket is more 70's. Lately, I've been combining gray contacts with shimmery white eyeshadow and hair clips for a 2000's baby doll look. This bebe dress is one of the first things I ever thrifted. The hard chest padding is very flattering and keeps the dress from being overly boxy. These mary janes have a fun sheer detail and are such a prom throwback.

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