Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Checked Blazer | Wrangler Jeans | Leather Boots | Mini Handbag || Thrifted
Hustler T-Shirt || Prize
Statement Earrings || Gift / Etsy

This look had me feeling like such a proper fashion blogger. Well, almost! I had to throw in this wild card and feature this t-shirt that I got from the strip club. The dj was walking around encouraging people to clap for the talented ladies. Surprisingly, I was the only one clapping, so he rewarded me with the free t-shirt. It seriously made my birthday night so much better. My best friend gifted me these artsy face earrings and of course I was itching to style them. They're the perfect no-fuss pieces to jazz up any simple outfit. Thanks, Chayo! I'm so thrilled that blazers have been everywhere. I particularly like the boxy fit of this one and how it allowed me to tie in these chocolate boots. It's funny, my boyfriend thought these worn in jeans belonged to him. That's reasonable since I found them in the men's section at Salvation Army.