Sunday, August 26, 2018

Don't Worry

Sleeveless Top | A-Line Skirt | Chunky Platforms | Ruffle Socks | Mini Handbag || Thrifted
Genuine Leather Spike Choker || Amazon

My former colleague, Chip, and I met up for a photoshoot before he moved back to L.A. He's a talented artist that displays his work on stripper heels, etc. Chip suggested a classy hooker theme so I followed suit with this outfit. We shot in Sin City, so I paid homage by adding in the red glitter platforms and cheeky little top. I'm not completely sold on the message, but I'm living for the 90's inspired high-neck. Speaking of the 90's, I've been introduced to a sassy band called Garbage. Shirley, the female vocalist, has me feeling bold.

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